Past Life Exploration

A profoundly enlightening transpersonal experience.

The National Guild of Hypnotists’ Code of Ethics, Standards, to which I strictly adhere, stipulates:
“A regression is a common self-help technique. As used by a hypnotist, a regression is a review of significant or
remarkable events by the client with the hypnotist serving as the guide.” This definition holds true for hypnotists regardless of whether we are reviewing the events of a client’s present or prior lives. 

Reincarnation is one of the oldest beliefs in the world. The best evidence that it exists is:

  • Many young children have memories of their previous existence and talk about it quite freely to their skeptical parents. Yet, in documented cases, some children were able to recognize previous homes, and their former relatives and friends.
  • Adults retain memories of past lives too. In some cases, details that would be impossible to know about are researched and proven accurate.
  • Documented cases exist of two or more people, strangers to each other, remembering the same past life event in great detail. 
  • People speaking or writing in foreign languages (even dead languages) while regressed to the appropriate time and place.

Science Appears to Support the Reincarnation of the Soul

  • The laws of physics dictate that energy cannot be destroyed.
  • Thought is energy. Therefore, thought cannot be destroyed.
  • The individual energy pockets of thought, feelings and experience (our individuality, our “souls”) cannot be destroyed
  • If our souls are indestructible or eternal they continue to exist after death.

To prove that reincarnation is not true, scientists must identify the specific laws of physics that define the conditions under which the soul enters the body. They will have to identify the laws that prevent indestructible energy from engaging in this behavior more than once, and explain why this behavior is isolated – “used up” after one occurrence – instead of infinitely repeating in a recurring pattern when those conditions are present, which is more typical of energy behaviors. Until they prove it is not true, we can continue to assume energy can repeat this known behavior, just as energy can repeat other known behaviors, and can inhabit successive human bodies over time. At the very least, we can remain open-minded to the concept that nothing prevents energy from engaging in this behavior repeatedly, or your soul from returning again and again until science proves otherwise.

Are Past Life Recollections Always Real Past Life Memories?

Yes and no. Not all experiences recalled in a Past Life Exploration (PLE) has actually been lived out in a former lifetime.  Past life recollections are not always complete or accurate; so the mind often remembers highly emotional events and fills in the rest with confabulation. This is true of our present life memories as well. Your memory and your imagination come from the same source. However, what is recalled as past life memories can also be metaphors for present life experiences. It doesn’t matter whether the memories are real or imagined if the recalled experience solves the problem or offers insight; which is usually the case. Recalling a past life event is usually done with vivid emotion, and usually resolves the presenting issue. People usually experience the memory far more dramatically than if they were fabricating it. It is not the function of the hypnotist to evaluate the truth of the client’s story. The story merely has to help heal the client.

Group vs. Private Exploration

People love to explore their inner awareness through a past life review. PLEs can be done in a private session or in small groups. Private sessions have the advantage of focused interactivity between the hypnotist and the client and that allows for a deeper exploration than a group experience can provide because the client can answer questions and describe his experience while in trance. Another advantage of a private session is that you are provided with a recording of your personal experience for your review.

Why Have a Past Life Exploration?

  • Self-exploration or curiosity
  • To understand your true nature and who you really are
  • To understand and accept others
  • To explain why you feel a connection with a person, place, or object
  • Unexplained fears 
  • To free yourself from perceived limitations
  • To discover your life purpose
  • To explore possible origins of unexplained chronic illness or pain
  • To resolve a variety of problems and conflicts quickly and effectively
  • For entertainment

Some Ways to Relive A Past Life  

  • The deja vu experience
  • Recurring dreams of a specific location or of a frightening event
  • Unexplained fear or phobia
  • Hypnotic exploration

What To Expect In a Past Life Session

  • Initially, you can expect to feel deeply relaxed and peaceful. As you are guided into a past life, you will be mentally alert and aware of where you are and what you are doing. You will be in control, so you may stop or control the direction of the process at any point.
  • As you are guided or if you’re being asked questions, you may relive this life with all of the sensory input available in the scene.
  • You will be instructed not to experience any pain or distress.
  • You may experience the memories as if you were watching television or a movie. You are detached, but watching the lifetime unfold on your mental screen.
  • Some people simply `know’’ the answers to the questions they are asked and have little or no visual impressions. Others feel, hear or obtain information in a combination of ways. At first, it may be sketchy, but as you gain a little experience, the memories will be clearer and easier to retrieve. Soon, you may even experience spontaneous memories of other lifetimes.
  • Reviewing Life After Death – You may view death in a prior life, or explore the period after death and your soul’s activities until you choose to be reborn. Exploring death in this manner is not traumatic, because it is done in a detached manner. 
  • It seems that after death there is a period of rest, then a self-evaluation and the beginning of a blueprint for the next lifetime.
  • There may be only a short time between lifetimes, or several centuries may pass.
  • At first, the idea of returning to life, again and again, may seem exciting and inviting, especially to someone who is afraid of death. As we learn to understand reincarnation better, attitudes often change into a desire to learn and grow as quickly as possible, so that we don’t have to come back again.
  • Exploring the death experience in several different lifetimes tends to cause us to lose the fear of death. It becomes clear that it is just another part of the cycle; a birth from the physical world into the non-physical world.
  • At the conclusion of a past life journey, positive realizations are made.
  • Release of any negative or detrimental influences from past lives is accomplished
  • Reinforcement of healing or positive and beneficial enlightenment is established. 
  • The client emerges from a past life session feeling enlightened, relieved and motivated.

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