Sleep Better

How North Shore Hypnosis Can Help You Sleep Better

First, see your doctor first before utilizing the benefits of hypnosis. After a stressful day, thoughts and feelings can flood your mind and keep you worrying, and you may feel doomed to face another sleepless night. Your belief that you cannot or will not sleep can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. A few sessions of hypnosis could help you change your attitude and eliminate your beliefs. Learning self-hypnosis techniques can help.

What Causes Your Sleeplessness?

Too much caffeine? Strenuous physical or mental activity, emotional conversations, challenging work or games just before bedtime? Daytime napping? Worrying?

We have all lost sleep due to excitement. Anticipating an important event or trip, whether we are happy about it or not. can disrupt sleep. Occasional trouble sleeping is rarely a cause for concern. But when an overactive mind attempts to deal with tension, anxiety, pain or problems, sleepless nights become predictable.

What’s the Answer?  Hypnosis!

Very often, following a deeply relaxing hypnotic session even without specific suggestions for sleep, the client will sleep very soundly due to the deep relaxation achieved during the session itself. Direct suggestions produce greater effectiveness. Post-hypnotic suggestions and instruction in self-hypnosis given during a hypnosis session help to produce sleep. My clients are provided with a recording of their session so it is available for use at bedtime.

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If you have trouble sleeping, there are many self-help techniques that will help. It’s important to determine if specific deterrents to sleep may be present in your diet, habits, or surroundings. After making the lifestyle changes that you can, hypnotic suggestions can help you minimize or disregard those that you can not.

How Hypnosis Can Help You

  • By hypnotic programming with suggestions for deep restful sleep
  • By teaching you self hypnosis
  • By creating a recording designed to relax you into blissful slumber
  • With hypnotic conditioning to replace negative thinking and attitudes with positive 
  • Programming to set aside specific problems allows for restful sleep
  • Through guided visualization