Self Esteem, Confidence, and Motivation

You can achieve your ultimate goals!

Three main factors are essential: self-esteem, confidence, and motivation.

Low Self-Esteem

Self-esteem influences everything. When you have low self-esteem, working, socializing and relationships are more difficult. You may be critical of yourself, or afraid to try anything new. Maybe you make comments like, “I was just lucky” or “Anybody could have done that”. This kind of self-depreciation often reflects conditioning in the past.

Labels thought to be buried and forgotten still reside deep in the subconscious mind and contribute to how you perceive yourself. The worst scars can be the invisible ones. You can learn or inherit the negative “thinking”  from your family, teachers, neighbors or clergy.

Hypnosis and Self-Esteem

The change to self-confidence is accomplished through hypnosis and positive subconscious reprogramming. Specifically, you need to:

  • Rid yourself of past negative programming
  • Improve your self-projection
  • Increase your confidence and self-acceptance
  • Change your perspectives
  • Pinpoint your goals
  • Establish a sequence of goals
  • Experience a sense of completion

Hypnosis and Motivation

Once you’ve improved your self-esteem, you must improve your motivation. There are necessary elements in the process of motivation.

  • Desire (To be motivated you must have an intense desire to get where or what you want)
  • Decision (You must make a conscious decision on what to aim for)
  • Determination
  • Self-discipline
  • Focus

You’ll Increase Motivation by Linking Your Goal to a Reward, such as:

  • A sense of pride
  • A sense of satisfaction
  • Accomplishment on an intellectual, emotional, and social level
  • Improved finances
  • The satisfaction of experiencing growth
  • The development of your skills or talents 
  • A positive outlook and attitude about yourself.

With Hypnosis You’ll Be Able to: ​

  • Use self-hypnosis
  • Become more active and eat healthier
  • Assimilate success into your life and enjoy it.
  • See yourself as healthy and capable
  • Program yourself to achieve specific goals
  • Attract and associate with positive people

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