Learn Self-Hypnosis

Learning Self-hypnosis at North Shore Hypnosis

There are many books on self-hypnosis, visualization techniques, guided imagery, meditation and self-help in libraries and bookstores. They explain how it works, offer techniques for use, etc.; but the truth is, a student of self-hypnosis learns more and does much better when they learn how from a professional in the art of hypnotism rather than attempting to master it from written instructions in a book. You can learn about self-hypnosis by reading how-to instructions, but under the guidance of Carol Denicker, BCH, CMI, you will receive:

  • Training and practice
  • Recordings of your hypnosis sessions to practice with at home
  • Powerful post-hypnotic suggestions that trigger easy, deep and fast hypnosis.
  • Post-hypnotic suggestions for goal achievement ​

Why use self-hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis provides a means of tapping into the power of the mind to achieve self-mastery. We all have the same goal – to reach our maximum potential… our personal best. Self-hypnosis facilitates our goals. Self-hypnosis can bring about major improvements in habit control, learning and memory problems, emotional stability, motivational advancement, health, physical discomfort, trouble sleeping, self-confidence, and other problems.

Self-hypnosis can be particularly helpful in:

  • changing attitudes
  • increasing self-confidence
  • learning enhancement
  • memory improvement
  • stress
  • physical discomfort
  • habit control
  • bedwetting
  • motivation
  • many areas of personal concern

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Four elements in achieving self-hypnosis:

  • Fixation (clears the mind and prepares it for the work that lies ahead)
  • Relaxation (enabling the mind to provide or absorb information)
  • Suggestion (self-programming positive instructions into the mind)
  • Visualization (the power source for positive change)

Self-hypnosis, used in conjunction with visualization can generate:

  • the power to change
  • the power to create the power of self-actualization
  • the removal of self-imposed limitations
  • the resolution of (fear, sadness, or anger)

Positive affirmations date back to biblical times. Today they are the themes of countless self-improvement books and videos. Self-hypnosis is a powerful and direct way to communicate positive affirmations deeply to one’s inner awareness.