Parents often seek help for their children through the use of hypnosis. Children respond particularly well to hypnosis because they are relatively free of the negative conditioning, skepticism, and resistance that adults may have. Children have high suggestability and they have vivid imaginations. Since imagination is an important attribute required to be hypnotized, it is easier to access a child’s subconscious mind to bring about rapid change. If a child is motivated to change we see amazing results whether you choose in person or live online sessions.

If you’re wondering what issues could be improved for your child by utilizing hypnosis, here are just a few:

  • Behavioral Problems – At home or school
  • Self-confidence – Self-esteem, confidence, motivation, goal setting
  • Fear – Fear of animals, bugs, being left alone, darkness, monsters, doctors, dentists, needles, storms, test anxiety, new foods, being sick, sports injuries, failure, etc.
  • Unwanted Habits – Nail biting, thumb sucking, hair twirling and poor posture, stuttering or stammering, nose picking, and more
  • Eating Habits – Food choices, too much sugar, table manners, weight management
  • Performance Issues – School, study skills, learning, memory, completing homework, exams, sports, competitions
  • Sleep – Reluctance to go to bed, too tired to get up, nightmares
  • Transitional Adjustments – Divorce, new home, new school, shyness, Covid-19-related issues, etc.

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