Weight Loss

If You’re Overweight Because You Overeat, North Shore Hypnosis Has a Program for You!

Maybe you’ve lost weight in the past with a lot of conscious effort; but, as soon as you reached your goal and stopped dieting, your subconscious mind took over again directing you to eat more than your body physically needed.

It takes permanent changes in the subconscious mind to program permanent changes that will make maintaining your weight goal automatic, without feelings of deprivation or discomfort. You can learn what is causing eating behavior that results in your unhappiness.

What Can You Do About It?

Regardless of why you overeat, you must replace the emotional fix you sought in food with a satisfying substitute. In the past, maybe a sugary/fatty snack seemed to help you relax, but what you really needed is an appealing, satisfying alternative.

Hypnosis will relax you, and negative habits can be reprogrammed. Call (888) 828 4934 today to talk about your session options and preferences.

Set Up a New Lifestyle Plan

  • Reprogram Your Mind For Success
  • Become more physically active.

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What to Expect After Your First Weight Loss Hypnosis Session 

After your first hypnosis session, you’ll begin experiencing a desire for healthier foods that contain fewer fats and carbohydrates. Your behavior begins to change immediately, with the daily use of your reinforcement recordings and/or self-hypnosis techniques, and reaching your ideal weight goal is the reward. Once you have reached your goal, and you have successfully changed your belief system and healthy eating is second nature to you, self-hypnosis will keep you on track. The session recordings are included in the fee.

In some cases, there is a physiological cause for excess weight other than overeating. It can be caused by abnormal water retention, low thyroid function, or the side effects of certain drugs. Be on the lookout for symptoms like puffiness (as a result of water retention) or a general lack of energy (as a result of low thyroid function).

Always see your doctor before beginning any weight loss program because your reason for being overweight is always best determined by a medical examination.