Pain Management

The capacity for pain is necessary; without it, you wouldn’t know if you were sick or injured.  Before you visit North Shore Hypnosis obtain a medical diagnosis to determine why you have pain.*

Pain is the Number One reason People Seek Medical Attention and Painkillers  

Imagine you’re clearing rocks from a garden and while lifting a particularly large one, you drop it on your big toe.   Chemicals located in the nerve endings are released and the pain message is transmitted from the toe to the brain. These chemicals increase circulation to the injured area, causing swelling and redness. The pain message travels to the spinal cord, to the sensory center of the brain, and onto the cortex where the location of the pain is deciphered. At this point, you might scream. Then, within moments, chemicals are released to provide pain relief and your toe seems to hurt less. 

Four factors that impact the intensity of pain are

  • your emotions  
  • your previous experiences or associations with pain 
  • your personality characteristics
  • what pain means to you

Sources of Pain

  • chronic pain 
  • pain due to surgery 
  • pain due to injury, illness, or disease

Pain Management is a Glowing Achievement of Hypnosis

​Hypnosis works. Expect relief!

Hypnotism Utilizes 3 Fundamental Procedures

  • The transformation, alteration, or displacement of pain 
  • Direct hypnotic commands to decrease pain 
  • The redirection of attention from pain to experiencing peacefulness and comfort

Stress and pain often feed on each other, becoming a vicious cycle
Pain causes stress, stress causes pain; more pain causes more stress, which causes more pain, so the cycle continues. Chronic stress becomes chronic pain;
​chronic pain causes chronic stress and continues to cycle on and on.

Hypnosis Helps by:

  • Diminishing or redirecting control of pain
  • Tuning pain off completely, at will 
  • Reprogramming negative beliefs and attitudes
  • Becoming aware of possible secondary gain issues 
  • Learning self-hypnosis and reinforcing pain management techniques
  • Decreasing stress and muscle tension to help break the stress/pain cycle 
  • Improvement of poor self-image, fear, stress, worry, guilt, and anger impact how pain is perceived. 
  • Coping skills are memorized,  programmed, and reinforced with self-hypnosis. 

*At North Shore Hypnosis we require a medical referral for chronic pain issues. 

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