Fear, Apprehension

What’s Causing Your Fear?

We’re all subject to fear. Many originate during childhood when undeveloped reasoning ability allows for developing fears of the unknown.  Fears do manifest in adulthood through a traumatic experience, but most of them originate in the early, impressionable years. 

Common Fears Eliminated or Minimized With Hypnosis

Flying, heights, rejection, failure (or success), pain, poor performance (sports, scholastic, job, theatrical, relationships, sexual), death, the unknown, contamination, blood, animals (spiders, sharks, water, impending danger, darkness, open spaces, closed spaces and loss of control. There are many others, to varying degrees of severity.  

How Fear Escalates 

  • Unrealistic self-statements that create anxiety and panic
  • Fear of the fear itself develops
  • Rational reasoning is rejected as the fear escalates
  • You begin to avoid any person, place, thing, or situation which generates feelings of fear (or excitement).

The Hypnotic Intervention May Include

  • Replacement of catastrophic thoughts with truthful coping statements.
  • The realization that the physical sensations you feel are not harmful.
  • Slowing down of a rapid heartbeat
  • Generation of deep relaxation
  • Promotion of focus and clarity through restorative diaphragmatic breathing.

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Confronting Your Fears in Hypnosis

Uncovering the unknown aspects of the fear make way for rational truthful coping statements. The technique of hypnotic systematic desensitization, EFT, NLP, and hypnotic recall can also be highly effective.  Diagnosed anxiety disorders require a referral from your health care professional.

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