Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Programs at your location, or LIVE online

Our Corporate Wellness Program utilizes deep relaxation and focus techniques, leadership, and personal coaching.
Choose from Success Without Stress, Smoking Cessation, and Weight Control Program.

Corporate Wellness Program

Optimized productivity with quality of life customized to meet the needs of each participant.


An inventory of personal and professional assets and liabilities is taken at the outset of the program. Participants are guided through a personal exploration of behavior and attitudes which lead to sustained stress.


Discover how your productivity is inhibited by stress Evaluate your existing stress management methods Learn how you can avoid contributing to stressful situations

The Four Features of the Awareness Phase

  • Learn how productivity is inhibited by stress.
  • Identify the building blocks of success.
  • Learn how to avoid contributing to stressful situations.
  • Evaluate existing stress management methods.


Participation in the process of designing a personalized program of action creates a sense of involvement necessary for continued success. Multiple stress reduction techniques are provided. Participants are assisted in selecting the most meaningful to them. All techniques are modified to accommodate predetermined goals established by the individual. Each participant is involved in the design of their personal plan of action.

The Five Features of the Action Phase:

  • Each participant designs a personal goal-oriented program
  • Experience guided relaxation and creative imagery techniques
  • Experience automatic physical relaxation techniques
  • Identify and eliminate habits that increase stress
  • Develop and apply visualization techniques to reinforce individual goals


We avoid the inherent weakness of the “one-shot” programs through stress reduction recordings.

The Benefits of the Achievement Phase

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase the quality of your professional and personal experiences. 
  • Focus on new and higher levels of success.
  • Monitor stress management and goal achievement
  • Receive positive feedback for successful stress management and goal-oriented behaviors.
  • Stress Management recordings are included to provide the necessary reinforcement needed to create lasting change
  • A motivational reinforcement recording​ and  “Success Without Stress” workbook

Environmental Requirements: Appropriately sized space for the group that is relatively free of interruption and loud noise.

Please call 888-828-4934 Ext 3 for fees and terms.

Corporate Wellness Program

If you have decided to reduce the mob of smokers huddling outside your door during smoke breaks, coffee breaks or lunch breaks; to increase morale, and/or to decrease insurance premiums; you can provide your employees with help and support, and cut down your operating costs as well.

The North Shore Smoking Cessation Program is the way to do it. Reliance on willpower often results in a disappointing attempt to stop smoking. Like moods and emotions, willpower fluctuates and it’s not always consistent or effective. Psychologically, it’s more agreeable to be rid of something that isn’t wanted; than it is to give up something perceived as enjoyment. In motivated individuals, the program works to reduce the desire to smoke and provides healthier options.

The Program Includes:

  • Two, 90-minute group hypnosis sessions scheduled approximately one week apart.
  • Part I – Becoming a Non-Smoker
  •  Deep relaxation techniques, guided imagery, instruction in the proper use of self-suggestion.
  • Part II – Remaining a Non-Smoker
  • Reinforcement, staying motivated, overcoming relapse with guided imagery.

Each Participant Receives:

• Two reinforcement recordings: “Remaining a Non-Smoker” and a “Relaxation Breathing”.

• A “Smoking Cessation” workbook.

How Hypnosis Facilitates Smoking Cessation

Motivation and commitment to quit smoking are essential. Guided relaxation techniques, behavior modification, relaxation techniques, visualization, future pacing, and aversion techniques.


New non-smokers greatly benefit from the second session and the additional reinforcement recording.

Environmental Requirements: An appropriately sized space that is relatively free of interruption and loud noise.

Please call for fees and terms.

Corporate Wellness Program

Obesity contributes to absenteeism, low productivity, and increased insurance premiums.

Weight Control Program 

  • Weight Loss Facts vs Myths
  • Optimizing Motivation 
  • Relaxation Training and Behavioral Modification
  • Success Programming – Pinpointing when, where, and why you eat and development of new options for a healthy new lifestyle  
  • After pinpointing the times, locations, and reasons for eating, behavior patterns are replaced with appealing substitutes. New options replace negative old habits. 

Set Up a New Lifestyle Plan

Once the problems are discovered and new options are established, there are three objectives:

  1. Reduce weight
  2. Maintain goal weight
  3. Incorporate permanent improved food choices and lifestyle habits

Reprogramming For Success

Hypnosis for weight loss will help participants to think, feel, and act in positive new ways by reprogramming with logical and realistic suggestions which give less importance to food as it relates to feelings of well-being.

  • Building your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Increasing the appeal of healthy foods.
  • Incorporate new eating patterns and healthy lifestyle changes.
  • The session length is one hour. The suggested frequency is one per week for four weeks.

Environmental Requirements: An appropriately sized space that is relatively free of interruptions and loud noise.

Please call for fees and terms. Individual private sessions may also be arranged at the offices of North Shore Hypnosis.