Hypnosis Clients:   

Dear Carol, 

Thank you for the powerful session today.  You have a wonderful creative style and fantastic voice as well.  Words cannot begin to express the appreciation I feel towards your gift to me.  I love what you did for me today. Simply Perfect Hypnotic Session.  Please give me some of your cards next time I come in. I have Suffolk County clients I would like to refer to you.  I used to have a busy practice in Syosset and had both Suffolk and Nassau clients. Now living in queens, I have more western Nassau clients, and some Suffolk clients. Also I go away in the winter and  would also like to send some clients to you as well.  I am so excited to see how you have helped me fine tune this mind into a fearless experience on Monday.  What a treat it was today!!!!!  Your a special lady and are in the RIGHT CAREER for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  See ya Sunday, one grateful lady.

Jan Wentz    

 Hi Carol: 

I just wanted to give you an update on my son, M——. You saw him a few months ago for two sessions. He is doing great. He graduated from high school on Sunday and is going to ———- College in August. And he has a part time job at a veterinary clinic here in —–where we live. He will probably start next week. His attitude and outlook are much more positive and he told me he hasn’t cut in four months. I think the sessions really helped him.    

Dear Carol,  

An update; I listened to the CD before my performance.  I found it very relaxing and as a result calmed me before the gig.  The place was quiet full from a women’s’ meeting of some sort however, I felt a bit more at ease when starting.  My partners both noticed a difference in my attitude and strength and were happy with how the night went.  I received multiple compliments (including from my husband) and I thank you for your input and contributions towards that success.  I look forward to using the CD to reinforce the positive feelings.  Thank you again. 

Regards,  Joan 🙂 


The WONDERFUL news is I have NOT had a cigarette since I “snuck a few” in Ocean Beach.I am in DISBELIEF that I not only have I stopped smoking ,but the cravings,W/D’s,etc have vanished. I have also saved a total of $409,that I have opened a nEW savings account for a rainy day(Unreal!!!!)   You have NO idea how great I feel!!!!!  

Thanks Again  Stephen F

Hi Carol, 

Thank you for writing.  I have a new understanding and respect for the healing practice of hypnosis now, and am grateful that this was put into my life, because I will never be the same as I used to be before I was given this path.  Thank you for all your care, kindness and understanding.   Thank you again for all you have done, and I will be sure to call on you again if I need to.  Diane      9/3/2005 1:10:38 A.M. Eastern Standard Time  I so much appreciated today’s session and have gotten some keen insights from it.  Most significantly, how linearly I live such as going through the   “lists” a through z rather than just allowing myself to be.  Thank you. 

Fondly,   H   

Hi Carol, 

It is now almost a month. I am doing fine feeling good and still a comfortable non-smoker.  Denise M  ————————————————————————  Subject: just to say hello   just wanted to say thank you so very much for saving and changing my life….i still cant believe that just one time with you that i walked out of your office and have never, not even had a urge once to have a smoke…its been about 6 years or so now…thank you so very very much… changed my life.  

john lally, brentwood, ny   yes, you may use this email

Well just to let you know I am doing great on the diet and with the hypno tape I lost 13 lbs so far and still going thanks again and will talk to you soon.  chris  ———————————————— 

Dear Carol:              I want to thank you for every gratifying and veracious work….. additional time, allotment, and patience.  This is what a true healer is all about and I have definitely been blessed and extremely grateful to meet one … exactly like yourself.  God Bless.                                                                                                    Warmly, Demetria           

Dear Carol,      i just wanted to let u know how i was doing.My head has inproved a lot in the past month and i’m in school from 3rd to 9th period and i love it!!! i have made many new friends and my grades are really good, i got 100% in math this quater!!!! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. If it wasen’t for you none of this would have happend.                                                       Love always,  Sarah    

Carol:  Wanted to let you know how fast the hypnosis worked. As I was walking in my house, my husband was walking out to an appointment..Wow, the power of suggestion!  It was such a pleasure to meet you and get to really know you. I look forward to being a person again and I believe you will get me there.  Take Care and thanks again, E       …”Yes! Your sessions have helped me TREMENDOUSLY. On our honeymoon, we went to   the Cayman Islands. I practiced all summer long–putting my face in the   shower water and my maid of honor was patient enough to help me learn the   dead man’s float in her pool.      I wore a floation device because my husband did not want me to get   overanxious and never want to try it again–but, I loved it! I was swimming   over water as deep as 50 feet and saw coral reefs, baracuda and I fed   stingrays. I also swam in the pool WITHOUT the floation device. So, I can   SWIM! I CAN put my face in the water and be happy.      I want to thank you so much for your help. You helped make an elusive dream   of mine come true.”  Sincerely, V          

Subj: The Finish Line      From: sb   I wanted to send you this picture of me at the finish line.  Thanks for your help at a time when my belief was wavering.  Thanks again for the donation.  S B  ———————————————- 

Hi Carol:  I lost 1” off my waist, ½ “ off my:  arms, legs, and hips.  chest:  nothing off, but looking much firmer, according to my husband.  I’m falling asleep to the tape every other night.  I’m pleased to tell you I was able to wear my white pants and skirt this week, which I could not get into last month.  What a happy feeling and good to know it’s working!  I’m working out (jogging, walking or treadmill) 5xs a week.  On a bad week, only 3xs.  I actually have the eating under control, but I still am at 126lbs. In April I was 130lbs.  It seems I’m losing 2lbs per month and being petite, (4 10 ½) my body may not want to loose too much too fast.  I really believe that this time next year I’ll be in my best shape ever.  Also, I know deep inside me, this reduction is working and that’s what keeps me going. I’m sticking it out.  I’ll keep ya posted.  😉  Tks.  N  _____________________________________________________________    

Subj: Blood Pressure Still Falling      To:   Hi Carol,  I hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know that I have been continuing with the tapes now once a day on deferent issues. The blood pressure readings are now hovering around 111/68. Although I am still taking medication the furthest I have ever been able to get it down with medication was 140/96. I do have an appointment with my physician on the 16th. I am hoping to request and have him agree that a lower dosage of medication is in order. I am keeping a daily journal of my BP readings for his review.  The other news is that my wife after seeing the effect of your treatments on me,  I believe is planning to take one of your classes toward certification.  Warmest regards and  Thank You,  M  ___________________________________________________________________      

Hi Carol,       I just wanted to thank you so much for giving me the tools I needed  to be a complete success during my mock trial.  I still can’t        believe how well things went that night.        Although I was nervous, I was able to use the technique’s you taught me and calm myself down.  I actually relaxed myself so       much to the point where I was able to enjoy the entire experience.  I have to tell you that I never felt so at peace with my mind and        body.  My hands were shaking alittle at the beginning but no lip quivering…that’s a real miracle!!!!!        I know words could never be enough to thank you for what you have helped me accomplish.  Just know that thanks to you I overcame        something I thought I could never beat.  Thank you for giving me this incredible feeling of success and pride.        Have a wonderful holiday, you are truly a very special and gifted individual.       Thank you again,       Marlene  _______________________________________________________________ 

Hi Carol,  I just wanted to let you know that I did get the book and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Its amazing how this simple story has so much perspective on life situations.  Thank you for allocating the time you did to my session. When I left I felt as if I have taken a small step in the right direction, something I never felt in therapy sessions.  Thank you,  Marc  _______________________________________________________________ 

To: CDenicker   Just wanted to say thank you for your help with stop smokeing.  It has been almost 9 years now, and not even a hint of wanting to try it again, and I’ve had some really pressure from the jerks at work. I tried many things over the years to stop my 3 to 4 pack a day habit that I had for 38 years, and nothing worked for me until I found you.  Thank you Thank you Thank you…..John L…. Brentwood,ny   Now….if my wife and I could only loss weight….  _____________________________________________________________ 

Subj:   Greetings   Hi Carol,  I know its been a while, but I wanted to thank you for all of your help.  You   helped me build confidence in myself, and I learned to like myself too.  I   have come to the realization that in order to overcome fear and anxiety, you   have to look within.  I still listen to the meditation/relaxation tapes that   you gave me.   I just wanted to thank you for helping me see what was inside myself.   It took me a long time to find the courage to be happy, and i still have my   bad days, but i know that i deserve all of the happiness in the world.  I   think that the hypnosis, and the special counseling and compassion that you  showed me has helped me imensly.  Fondly,  C  —–  

Dear Carol,  …. I have been doing well, (do even better when I consistently listen to my tape!!) I can’t tell you enough how wonderful the experience of hypnosis and meeting with you was.  It truly has opened my eyes to new insights.  I couldn’t stop talking about the experience with anyone who would listen.   My husband and I are very interested in using the same approach to quit smoking.  When we are “ready”, we will be sure to get in touch with you. Again, thank you so much for the experience.   Sincerely,  Kelly C  —– 

 Subj: testimonial  From:   To:  Carol, sorry this took so long…I said I wanted to send you a testimonial so that anyone who had a similar problem would have an alternative treatment…over a month ago, my daughter had a severe fear of swallowing solid food.  During the summer she witnessed my sister’s granddaughter choke on pizza cheese but she did not show any fear of swallowing till a few weeks after, when school started.  Why it began is still a mystery, because she was eating, even pizza, right after it happened.  I took her to a pyschiatrist for two weeks but she wasn’t getting better. She said it would take a long time for her to get her to eat again.  One month after this began, she was getting thinner and thinner and I was getting desparate.  My daughter is ten and although eating disorders are common at this age, hers was not anorexia or bulemia.  Even though she was able to drink Ensure Plus, and swallow ice cream, she continued to loose weight and became constantly tired.    I feel it was not the incident so much as it was other fears she was having that manifested itself into an eating disorder.  She has issues stemming from her fathers death when she was just 16 mos. old.  Prior to her eating disorder, she was afraid she would have an asthma attack, even though her asthma has been under control for two years.  Whatever the reason this happened, hypnosis was the only treatment that worked and worked instantly.  Carol, you immediately put her at ease.  She was so comfortable with you, and as promised, she came away from that one and only session, feeling very confident and happy.  The first meal, after the session was dinner and she swallowed mashed potatos, only a couple of teaspoons, but she was so excited.  The next day she ate a half a pancake for breakfast.  Each meal, she ate more and more.  Today, two weeks later, she is fully recovered.  We made a ceremony of throwing out the few cans left of Ensure.  Anyone out there who has a fear of something…try hypnotherapy believing that it will work.  My daughter believed and wanted it to work so much, it did.  Carol, you are an Angel.  Thank you for bringing my daughter back.  I will send referrals to you in the future.  Sincere best wishes….gayle  ———- 

“Dear Carol,  Post-trip evaluation: Everything worked quite well.  I had some anxiety  which I expected), but there was so much less than before. As a result there’s a lot of headroom for the analysis of my emotions. In other words, I wasn’t so consumed,  so gripped that I couldn’t reason with myself to a degree.  I can deal with it now. And I feel like from this point on, the more I fly, the more I apply these techniques (i.e. Tapping), the easier it will become.  Additionally, I feel better equipped to deal with a frightening, heavy-turbulence flight should that occur in the future. Scary flights will still scare me, but they won’t keep me from flying again as they had in the past.  I’ll keep you posted, and I might be interested in more sessions at some point in the future to work on problems that pop up.  Again, I thank you for your time and the special attention you gave me given the immediacy of my need. It was a testament to the sincerity of your efforts. Efforts that have made all the difference in the world and opened up doors.  Take good care.  Sincerely,  Jonathan C. ” – Queens, New York  ———-  ” Subj:  Re: follow up…….  

Hi Carol,  I really have enjoyed this experience so far. I snapped my rubber band – made the ok sign and struggled through my feelings until I settled down. I know where there is a cigarette in the house but I was not tempted to go and light it. I took a niacin and was done with it. I listened to the tape in bed and had a very good night sleep.  Funny reactions this time that are different. I still habitually get the thought (automatic) to go get my cigarettes – then have to remind myself that I am a non smoker. This always happens but it seems to be happening less. But the strangest thing that I have not experienced before is that I do not have the typical withdrawal feelings. Now I know that was a suggestion but…….  I do not feel the usual physical feelings in my chest and throat – hard to explain but I woke up this morning feeling like I had stopped smoking months and months ago. That is great as the withdrawal is a hard part to go thru.  I will call you soon.                                                                  Regards, Wendy” 

NYHTC Hypnotism/Hypnotherapy Certification Training 

These were the first classes on any subject that I have been to over the years that I never watched the clock!   Thanks again,  Joe Duerr – Florida  ____________________________________________________________________________________ 

Carol,  I know you probably get Gary Craig’s E-mails so this might seem familiar to you but….. It reminded me so much of you and your generosity so I had to send it.  “There was once a wise woman traveling in the mountains who found a precious stone in a stream. The next day she met another traveler who was hungry, and she opened her bag to share her food. The hungry traveler saw the precious stone and asked if she might give it to him. She did so without hesitation. The traveler left, rejoicing in his good fortune. He knew the stone was worth enough to give him security for a lifetime. But only a few days later he came back to return the stone to the woman who had given it to him.   “I’ve been thinking,” he said, “I know how valuable the stone is, but I’m giving it back in the hope that you can give me something even more precious. I want you to give me what you have within you that enabled you to give me the stone.”  -Author Unknown  Thank you Carol, for being such a selfless teacher and mentor.  I hope some day if I reach the ability that I may teach I will have it in me to be that giving.  Thanks again,  Janine  >>  

<<  Just wanted to say thank you again for such a wonderful learning experience. I appreciate all the love and caring you put into our classes and I couldn’t have hoped for a better HypnoMom! Thanks  for giving from your heart. Also thank Sandy for making us feel so comfortable .  – Alisa >>    

Dear Carol,  You are like the woman in Proverbs whose value is above rubies.  I went to your classes seeking knowledge and I found wisdom. I came seeking instruction, and I found a place of rest for my soul.  It is a wonderous thing to look for the expected, and find the miraculous.  Whether or not my name is spelled rightly or wrongly on the certificate, the instruction that I received could not have been more personalized.   You are a true teacher in every sense of the word: there is no limits to your influence, it reaches to eternity.  A tremendous responsibility to which you are perfectly suited.  The title Jesus most appreciated was to be called “Rabbi” meaning teacher.  Thank you, Rabbi Carol!  I look forward to my clinical time!  Don’t forget about  YOU’RE THE BEST!!!  Jane 

Dear Carol,   It’s difficult for me to adequately express my gratitude for the wonderful experience that your hypnosis training program provided for me (as well as for the rest of our group). I believe the difficulty lies in my inability to describe perfection.  Every aspect of the program was positive…from the resource material, to the environment in which the program was taught, to you as the facilitator. You are absolutely the consummate teacher!  You bring an abundance of information accompanied by lots of patience, positive reinforcement, empathy and smiles to the entire training experience.  I know that my sentiments are shared by all who experienced my class.  Thank you so much for having given me the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful work!                                                 Sandy Nemeroff, Northport, NY   

You were a great teacher………..and i would like to see you for a reiki treatment sometime————————is that possible? Thanks again………..  s l-m       

Thank you so much for your ongoing support! I am soooo happy I trained   with you!!!!!  🙂   Jennifer  

Subject: RE: CLINICAL PRACTICE     I HAD MY 4TH CLINICAL PRACTICE TODAY AT FARMINGDALE, AND I HAVE TO SAY IT REALLY WAS GREAT TO BE PART OF THAT PROGRAM.  IT DOES ALOT MORE THAN JUST GIVE US PRACTICE, IT TRULY BUILDS CONFIDENCE.  – IM  ________________________________________________________________________________ Just want to thank you for the opportunity to be at SUNY Farmingdale this   week (and next Wednesday).  It certainly did a lot to allay my anxieties  and boost my self confidence.  The experience this week was exhilarating   to say the least!  I worked with some really great people.  It was so gratifying   to see highly tensed, stressed people just melt into a deep, relaxed trance   state as I spoke.  It feels so good to know that I was able to help them feel better.  I have found my niche and I am so happy!  Thanks again!  – GL  —————————————- 

Carol:  I thank you so much for these supporting words. It means so much to me that you can see the progress, which I may miss being too close in the works. Thank you. I do push to see some success very soon. It means so much to me that you trust me enough to allow me to speak in front of your audience and even think it was a success! The hypnotists world, and the world in general, needs more teachers like you! Understanding, generous and kind. Being knowledgeable and kind, You are allowing for the student’s abilities to arise and creativity to come out, unfold and flow freely, supporting in all efforts and endeavors to expand and learn and progress in the business. (YOU CAN PUT this ON YOUR TESTIMONIALS PAGE.) I believe that my business will come once I set my records straight. and Thanks for the Reiki!  Love and Light  Morrin  

Subject: Fw: a good story    Hi Carol!  A friend sent me this story.  I had to send it on to you, because, everytime you give a class if someone in that class needs help, guidance, healing, reasurance…….  whatever…….. you always, without fail, slow down and if need be change course and most definitely every day of your life in one way or another you help people to win……  inspite of themselves.   I came to you searching for a new beginning, another chapter in my life. You opened the door, helped me take the first steps thro’ it, stood me up on my feet when I nearly crumpled into a heap, taught me how to help and heal myself so I can one day be useful and help others.  Every class I attended, I learned so much ‘extra curricular’ life lessons because of the way you addressed every situation that arose with such forthright honesty, dignity, humour and wisdom. Thank you for sharing all of your gifts, all your courage and experience, and for being so unconditionally generous in every way.  I am so truly blessed to have you as my friend, teacher and mentor.  Without doubt you are the finest teacher I have ever had in my life.  LOL  Mary Scott

Carol, I really feel that this a new beginning for me and I cannot thank   you enough for your help, encouragement as well as the tools you have   provided. If I did not have your website to refer to as well as all the   scripts, ideas, forms, etc and I would be at a complete loss.  Tonya Reiman    

Hi Carol,  Thank you for a well prepared, stimulating, fascinating class.  You can  really “mesmerize” your audience.  I learned so much and the class opened a  whole new perspective into the healing arts.  I will do the homework and submit it.  I’m looking forward to Part 2 and  wish it could be with our great group.  Did anyone make a list of phone  numbers and addresses?  My gratitude to you for a wonderful learning experience.  Kay 

Dear Carol:   Yes, I arrived home safely.  I made it to the airport in lots of time and there were no problems at all.  There was a noticeable increase in security which was reassuring.  The homework is going along fine and haven’t encountered any difficulties yet.  I’ll let you know if I do though.  I was VERY pleased with the first half of training and am looking forward to coming back for the second part.  I can’t believe that it will be less than a week now before I’m back there again.   See you soon, take care.   R.  –

Hi Carol,  “……. In any event, it can wait till our next class.”  ……Thanks again for a wonderful 4 days and I’m looking forward to Level II.  I have plenty of work to keep me busy to be prepared that’s for sure.  Besides,        “…I make use of my training consistently and implement my business plan every day!!! …”  It seems some beautiful angel from College Point put that quote in my head.  I’m very thankful that our paths have crossed.  See you soon.”  Warm regards,  Brigitte   

Dear Carol  I am just return back from Torino. I went again in Torino to  see my friend Laura and to help her in her inner struggle.  She is really better. She said that the Hypnosis tapes that I did for her  was very useful.  This time we finally discovered the reason of her heart pathology and we  start to work on that together. I feel me more strong secure and motivated  in my life and in my healing pratice.  The Hypnosis session that you gave me were miraculous for me. My life really start to change in many way. Same time I still feel the fear to fail but now I now how to deal with it.  Letizia S. (Rome, Italy)  

Dear Carol:  Wow!! A million thanks to you and your wonderful way of teaching. Since I took your certification class, I have been establishing a flourishing hypnotherapy business. I do feel that if I went anywhere else I wouldn’t be as knowledgable and confident as I am now. Thanks to you and your undivided attention to detail, I gained so much insight into my own practice. You made me feel very comfortable and secure when I met you for the first time. You know it is always a little intimidating when you go to a classroom for the first time. You do not really know what to expect. As soon as I walked through the door, I knew I was in the right learning environment. Your cozy atmosphere, the warmth you radiated made my learning experience something that I will never forget. Your teaching and your sound advice gave me confidence that I didn’t  dream I’d have.  Many thanks to you and God Bless 

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful class. I am truly appreciative of all you bring to the center and look forward to years of working together.”……  Thanks.  Christine        
Workshop Attendees: 

Dear Carol,  Thanks for your NGH presentation and your handout.  I am in the process of revising my webpage and yours is an inspiration.  I don’t think I’m willing to spend the time learning how to do it myself, but I will visit the webpages listed in your handout.  Thanks again for an excellent presentation.  DC    

Hi Carol, just wanted to say that I am happy I went to your workshop  and hope that you would be doing something at the NGH in next year.  Regards,  S  Reiki: 
Reiki Training Students: 

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your classes. They are so healing, I actually look better the next day, no joke!  Your knowledge, teaching skills, generosity and hospitality warm my heart.   Thank you so much,  Marion Nankin

 Hi Carol  I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that I took your Reiki III class. You are a wonderful, warm and talented teacher. Your sense of caring, your clear explanations, and your knowledge of so many subjects regarding the topic made class a great experience.   Thank you so much!  Lori


Hey Carol,   I wanted to let you know how fantastic I have felt the last few  days. After my last attunement (I was already starting getting sick), I  became even SICKER! No one in the world had more mucus than me. I am so  afraid that I had THAT much stuff that needed to be cleansed out of me :).  Anyway, I am better and feel stronger than ever. The layers of guilt I live  with seem to be disappearing, slowly but surely. I practice Reiki on myself  mostly but have also gotten a few treatments in on my boyfriend. My house  feels ummmm whiter although I still have not cleansed the house myself.  That’s this weekends project. Talked to Michael once after the class and he  sounded soooo calm. He was good for my soul also. Thank you sooo much for  your dedication, compassion and outright goodness. The world needs more  people like you. Please don’t forget to email me with any interesting  tidbits. Love, W 

Carol,  You are a magnificent healer! What a beautiful attunement ceremony.  Thank you.  Love,  Laurie   

 Carol –  I wanted to thank you once again for my Reiki training. It has helped me to  achieve a more balanced emotional state and is helping me process the loss  of Shamus.  This is a gift you have passed along to me and I will be  eternally grateful. So, thank you again.  As promised attached is a photo of Shamus and the cross he brought to me  that morning on the beach.  Take care my Reiki Master and know you are held in the highest regard in my  mind and spirit. 

Carol,  I just wanted to Thank You for a great Reiki weekend. I have been in the  city the last few days and have been meaning to write you.   It really was a wonderful experience.. one I will always cherish. I feel  like a different person and have been practicing on my husband Tim who LOVES  it! He has slept like a baby the last few nights.   Thanks again and I’m sure our paths will cross again.  All the best to you and your family.  Thanks again. Jen     

Online Hypnosis:
“Sorry I haven’t done this sooner but I thought I would write and thank you for the great Hypnosis session! Man, talk about time distortion, I remembered you talking then I could hear you counting up. Cool stuff!  I also wanted to let you know I was in the book store looking around and you had said to stick with the tapping.  Well, it just so happens there on the shelf staring me in the face was a book by Callahan Turbo(Tapping the Inner Healer). He is the inventor of the Thought Field Therapy (tapping algorithms). So I sat down and started reading the book and bought it. Well, I must say, it works!  I was in a situation today and started to feel warm, where I remembered to start breathing and repeat my  “These change in my nervous system… ” but then I said hey what about tapping. So I tapped for the complex anxiety and panic and on a scale of 1 to 10, it went from 9 to 1 in less than a minute. I’m hooked.  Thanks again and I now have the tools I need to change my life!  Best Regards,  Mark S”   –  Texas    

​August Anniversary   3 years smoke free and its all your fault!!!   Hope you are good. I am fine.  Hugs and kisses, David – Texas  

“Carol,  A great big thank you is coming your way.  This month I am two years nicotine free thanks to your help!!!  Reading Kessler’s book this month to celebrate !  David – Texas (Hypnosis-by-phone) 

Personalized Recordings:

“Hi Carol, I just wanted to give you a little feed back on the “sleep-early”-project. Your tape worked really wonders. I very often find myself even in a joyful state of mind, looking forward to bedtime when I come home from work, even sometimes without listening to the tape. That stays on for many days in a row.” Joerg (Germany)  

Dear Carol: I got my CD today and I think it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. Your images were inspired. I lived on the Hudson and was involved in boating for years. I had a 28 foot Brig which I built from a salvaged 30-foot steel lifeboat. I always had friends along because one person couldn’t work it. But I did often go down to it when I was upset and lie on the lower deck (floors on a ship are vertical) and I have seen seagulls all my life. Just for special effect I’m going to put sea salt into my humidifier water: all I missed was the distinctive smell of the sea. The Hudson is a tidal estuary at Newburgh and smelled strongly of the sea. If I have purchased any rights in this tape I want to freely and completely give them back to you. If you can help somebody else, I’ll be delighted. If this should be on paper, send it and I’ll sign. Going back to the boat brought back a flood of memories. Perhaps those times were my only happiness. During the 14 months I was hospitlized with depression I spent most of my time in the VA medical library and read the “Collected works of Milton Erikson.” He’s one of my favorites. If memory serves, the second chapter is about confusion-hypnosis and has tickled me for years.  Thank you again for everything. I’ll play the tape every day and I’m sure it will do great things. Best, Bob S.” – Wyoming  

“Dear Carol,  I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to produce the “release anger” tape. It should be required listening for all humans. Thanks again!  Love, Luann” – Long Island